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Hiring our carpet cleaning professionals is the best way to get your carpets and upholstery clean since we come to your home or business with all the appropriate equipment and appropriate environmentally friendly chemicals.

Whether in a store, office or home, a New Again Fort Wayne Carpet Cleaning session begins with an inspection. The owner of the space and the carpet cleaning technician discuss the most troublesome areas, what furniture should be moved, and the total cost of the process. Our New Again Fort Wayne Carpet Cleaning professionals can provide a free estimate of the cost of deodorizing and protecting your carpets. Vacuuming should be done prior to the carpet cleaning technician’s arrival. Particularly soiled or stained spots of your carpet are then treated first with special stain removers and the conditioner is applied to the entire carpeted area to prepare it for cleaning.

Carpet and upholstery cleaning is done by NEW AGAIN CARPET CLEANING using our own recipe of ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY cleaning agents and methods proven with over 30 years of experience. FAST-DRY TECHNOLOGY increases the convenience of New Again Carpet Cleaning’s services by allowing you the use of your carpet or furniture within 90 minutes of cleaning. Fast-Dry Technology also reduces the chance for old stubborn stains to reappear.

NEW AGAIN CARPET CLEANING of Fort Wayne, IN is excited and eager to serve you. Scheduling is easy and workable; just give us a call at 260-210-3847, and we will find a time that works in your schedule. You will find New Again Carpet Cleaning office personnel and technicians to be friendly and courteous, considerate of your needs as an individual. Our approach to cleaning is creative, punctual, and trustworthy. It is our desire to earn your trust and loyalty and serve your needs in the future.

Carpet Cleaning

The dirt in your carpet likes where it is and it intends to stay there, but NEW AGAIN CARPET CLEANING of Fort Wayne, IN changes all that. With many years of experience and our own recipes of Environmentally Friendly chemicals, normal use traffic areas and stubborn stains relinquish their hold, and your carpet or upholstery is returned to looking new again, and your home environment is cleaner and safer for all.

Our professional Fort Wayne New Again Carpet Cleaning service utilizes the most advanced cleaning machines which thoroughly clean your carpets inside and out. Our equipment is designed to clean any type of carpeting or rugs. Our cleaning technicians are highly trained and know the necessary techniques when it comes to handling our carpet cleaning machines and cleaning your flooring. You can be confident that you will get the cleanest carpets when we use our high performing and powerful machines that go deep into your carpets, removing embedded particles of soil and dirt that ordinary cleaning machines can’t reach.

With FAST-DRY TECHNOLOGY, our carpet cleaning experts in Fort Wayne also provide shorter drying times which is perfect for high traffic areas like offices or hallways. Fast-Dry Technology allows normal activity to be resumed within minutes and reduces the return of old stains.

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Carpet Repairs

Often after flooding and water damages occur, it is necessary to replace or repair portions of carpet throughout the affected areas of a property. At New Again Carpet Cleaning, our staff is trained to provide small carpet repairs in the Fort Wayne area with precision and expertise.

We offers a full array of Fort Wayne carpet repair work, including: lamination repair, re-stretching, and seam repair. All work is completed to exacting standards and professionally guaranteed. Carpet strip and edging are generally replaced during our carpet repair and installation services since these items are not typically reusable after being lifted during the drying process. Our pricing includes: materials, labor, and transportation to the job site. Carpet pad prices vary, depending on the wholesale cost.

Each carpet repair job requires different types of pad to match the existing kind and quality. Our carpet repair pricing for carpet pads include: purchase, installation, incidental materials for installation, transportation to the job site, and scrap removal. Our carpet repair and installation work is charged on an hourly basis and includes only incidental materials. Call us today to request a free estimate for the cost of your Fort

Wayne carpet repair and installation needs: 260-210-3847.

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Furniture & Upholstery Cleaning

When is it time to get your upholstery professionally cleaning? Check your furniture out for discoloration, particularly on armrests or seat cushions. If professional cleaning hasn’t been done in a few years, chances are IT IS TIME! Your furniture fabric and stuffing acts like a sponge or storage unit for all the skin, hair, and oils of those with whom it comes in contact , human or pet….not to mention the crumbs from snacks as you relaxed in front of the TV or visited with your guests. Yes, furniture serves us in many ways and for many years, but it shows the wear as well and appreciates T.L.C. from time to time.

NEW AGAIN’S Upholstery cleaning in Fort Wayne will help keep your furniture in “tip-top” shape as well as extend the use of it. Many residents in Fort Wayne do not know that their upholstery in the house should be cleaned regularly due to its role in home hygiene and indoor air quality. Bacteria and contaminants can build up on your furniture leading to poor indoor air and health hazards in the home, therefore regular cleaning is required.

Cleaning your furniture regularly will also help to increase the furniture’s life-span and keep it looking new for years. The actual cost of upholstery cleaning is less expensive than the cost of replacing it. Home owners should have their furniture cleaned at least once a year since there are a variety of health risks surrounding unclean home conditions.

If you use your furniture heavily and are reluctant to have it “out of commission” while it dries after a cleaning session, you will be glad to know that NEW AGAIN CARPET CLEANING uses FAST-DRY TECHNOLOGY, meaning your couch or chair will be dry in 45 minutes or less after cleaning!

If you are contemplating hiring New Again’s Fort Wayne Upholstery Cleaning Services for your home, you should know that this is probably one of the best decisions that you can make. Not only will your furniture look like a brand new piece of upholstery, but it will also last longer. So give us a call today to schedule your cleaning session: 260-210-3847.

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Tile & Grout Cleaning

Ceramic tile and grout are one of those appreciated, but often abused surfaces in a home simply because it requires special care. Cleaning your Fort Wayne tile and grout yourself can be a trial and actually end up causing more damage to your property, rather than helping it. Incredibly severe cases of mildew, mold, deterioration and staining might seem hopeless, but before you consider tearing out your tile and replacing it (which can be a time and money consuming project), think about hiring our professional New Again Fort Wayne Tile & Grout cleaning services.

After an initial inspection of the area to be cleaned, New Again and the homeowner will discuss a number of different options and the proper cleaning method. Spots, stains, and other discolored areas are inspected and given a pre-soaking spray using a proprietary ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY PRODUCT and allowed to set. Then the surface is sprayed with a safe higher pressured environmentally friendly cleaning rinse to remove surface dirt and excess water. To prevent more moisture damage, the area is very efficiently dried and the grout lines are re-sealed (upon request of customer) to preserve the deep clean and prevent future damage.

It is very important that you choose a cleaning service with Fast-Dry Technology which specialized in tile and grout, and preferably one with a well-known history and a wealth of experience in the field, so give us a call today: 260-210-3847.

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