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Carpet repair

From time to time, we do something as we're moving furniture or generally being rougher on our carpet than we should, and something goes awry. If you do something like this and end up damaging your carpet, do not worry. At New Again Carpet Cleaning, our staff is trained to provide minor carpet repairs in the Fort Wayne area with precision and expertise.

We can do it all at your premiere Fort Wayne carpet repair company: lamination repair, re-stretching, and seam repair. All of our work is completed to exacting standards, and we stand behind everything we do – it is professionally guaranteed. Our pricing includes materials, labor, and transportation to the job site. Carpet pad prices vary depending on the wholesale cost.

We customize your repair job. We know that your repairs are not like the home we just left from. Yours will require Each carpet repair job requires different types of pads to match the existing kind and quality. Our carpet repair pricing for carpet pads includes purchase, installation, incidental materials for installation, transportation to the job site, and scrap removal. Our carpet repair and installation work are charged on an hourly basis and include only incidental materials. Call us today to request a free estimate for the cost of your Fort Wayne carpet repair and installation needs.

Common Types Of Rug Repairs

No matter how high-quality your flooring is when subjected to daily wear and tear, that will show up and take a toll on your carpets. The good news is that New Again Carpet Cleaning can provide you with professional repairs that will help restore your carpeting. The most common repair issues we encounter with carpets include wrinkling, rips, holes, burns, and tears.

  • Carpet Stretching - The most common sign that you need carpet stretching is the presence of ripples. Areas of carpet that bunch up are often the result of improper installation, and without stretching to correct it, the problem will only get worse.
  • Carpet Patching - To patch a carpet where there is a hole or the area has worn thin in high-traffic areas, you need an exact match and a seamless transition. Quality patching makes all the difference in how the finished outcome looks and holds up over time.
  • Stair Replacement - It's not surprising that the carpet on stairs gets worn down, and the lower steps are more susceptible to thinning and staining. We'll take care of this for you, so your carpeted steps look good again.
  • Loop Replacement - For carpets that use a loop formation, sometimes the loops come unfastened. To repair pulled loops, they can be glued or patched, and our team will provide exceptional results.

Latest Carpet Repair Projects

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